Too Cute Tuesday: Neiko

Happy Too Cute Tuesday! Today we are featuring the almost one-year-old, Nicholas, who is a couple short weeks away from his first birthday! Affectionately nicknamed "Neiko" by his family, he is a preciously handsome 11-month-old baby who has had many new experiences and felt much love during his first year. His parents, Jim and Michelle, are beyond joyful to have Neiko in their lives and they love sharing his milestones with all their friends and family.

Too Cute Tuesday Neiko.1.jpg

Neiko was born on November 7, 2016. His parents were so excited to learn about his birth and worked with Adoptions of Wisconsin for home study and post placement services. AOW Social Worker and Executive Director, Claire, worked with the family of three during post placement and she adored getting updates from smiling Neiko and his parents. Always smiling and having great things to say about their son, Claire was impressed by the level of care that Jim and Michelle have consistently shown Neiko.

Too Cute Tuesday Neiko.2.jpg

Neiko has grown into an adventurous young toddler who loves to play and listen to songs. He is constantly crawling around the house, climbing on things and getting into trouble, and Jim and Michelle think he's very close to beginning to walk! He stands himself up on furniture and other objects, but just won't take that first step. Neiko is also a talker- Michelle says that he says "Dada" reliably and "Mama" if he's in a cooperative mood.

Neiko's favorite thing to eat is raspberries! He also loves going for walks outside, playing with his cousins and clapping and singing along to some tunes. Michelle can't help herself from sharing photos of Neiko and gushes that she can talk about her son all day. Above all, Michelle says, Neiko's most favorite activity is bath time!

Too Cute Tuesday Neiko.4.jpg

This big guy is turning 1-year-old early next month and we can't wait to celebrate his birthday.