Too Cute Tuesday: Four-Month-Old Ben

It has been too long since we featured the perfect, adorable baby Ben on our AOW Blog and Family Gallery. Ben is now four-months-old and is loving all the camera time his mom and dad give him!

Too Cute Tuesday Four-Month-Old Ben.1.jpg

The above photo is Ben celebrating his three-month birthday with a "fist bump" to growing older! His mom loves posing him in his daily outfits and Ben loves to show off. He likes going on trips to Costco because he gets to look at all the pretty lights. Below is Ben with his dad in Costco.

Too Cute Tuesday Four-Month-Old Ben.2.jpg

Ben was born on June 7, 2017 and has been a joy in his parent's lives in the four months that they have been raising him. AOW Social Worker, Megan, has been completing the post placement visits with Heather, Steve and Ben. When asked about the family of three, Megan gushed about their openness, honesty and genuine natures, "Heather and Steve are completely in love with Ben and are always excited to talk to me about his new skills and changes. I always observe Ben to be a laid-back, easy-going baby who fits in perfectly with his parents. I feel lucky to have worked both with Ben's birth mother and Ben's adoptive parents. I know Ben's birth mom is grateful to Heather and Steve for how open they've been with her."  Heather and Steve have always expressed interest in getting to know Ben's birth mother and they continue to be open to communication in the future in whatever capacity makes her feel comfortable.

Too Cute Tuesday Four-Month-Old Ben.3.jpg
Too Cute Tuesday Four-Month-Old Ben.4.jpg

Ben's mother, Heather, loves talking about her son. When we asked for an update about their lives together, she said, "Ben has brought so much joy to our lives. Our hearts are so full now. I love the simplest moments with him throughout the day: talking, singing, exploring his toys, seeing him grow and develop new skills every day. Steve loves early morning rockings and snuggles with him before work. Ben is truly perfect in every way and we feel so lucky that we were chosen to be his parents."