Too Cute Tuesday: Baby S

Too Cute Tuesday Baby S.1.jpg

On October's first Too Cute Tuesday, we happily introduce Baby S! This remarkably adorable infant was born on May 19, 2017, and she just celebrated her four-month-old birthday in September. Baby S has had many experiences early in her life. After birth, AOW received a call from a local hospital stating that a baby had been born and she was to be placed for adoption. Soon after, Baby S was discharged from the hospital into the home of foster parents who are licensed through Adoptions of Wisconsin. She spent a few weeks with the foster couple while our Social Workers contacted the prospective adoptive family and prepared to place Baby S in their home. After a whirlwind first few weeks in this world, she was placed with her forever family.

Baby S has since been thriving in the care of her adoptive parents. She is even blessed to have an older brother who dotes on her daily! She has brought so much laughter and joy into the lives of her adoptive family. A few of her favorite things are going for walks around their neighborhood, playing and interacting with her big brother and being read to by her parents.

When we asked about Baby S, her parents gushed about her. "She just turned four months old and her personality just keeps getting more defined with every passing day. She is such a little sweetheart. She is quite easy going, but is also opinionated and adept at letting us know what she needs and wants. She has the most adorable smile and her giggle is irresistible."

AOW Social Worker, Claire, is performing the monthly post placement visits with the family of four, and we cannot wait to see Baby S grow and develop into an even cuter infant and toddler. We are so happy to be a part of your adoption journey!