Welcome to the World, Anderson!

Welcome to the world, little Anderson! This bundle of joy was born on March 30, 2018. He was placed directly into the care of his adoptive parents, Danielle and David. The couple has spent the last two months loving, caring and cherishing Anderson.

Welcome to the World, Anderson!.2.jpg

Danielle and David had very little time to prepare for the birth of their son. A birth mother found AOW's website and felt instantly connected to Danielle and David as she viewed their photos and profile. Within days, the couple met with the birth mother, formed a match and before anyone could process it - Anderson was born. After a successful delivery and birth, Danielle and David were discharged from the hospital with Anderson.

The family dogs, Bailey and Winnie, were excited to welcome Anderson home, too!

We're excited to see Anderson's growth over the next months in post placement before finalization. Congratulations, Danielle, David and baby Anderson!