Too Cute Tuesday: Devin

This week's Too Cute Tuesday feature is all about Devin!


Shortly after completing their home study with Adoptions of Wisconsin, adoptive parents Erin and Tim were introduced to Devin's birth mom through mutual friends. After an emotional first meeting, the match was confirmed and they were able to join Devin's birth mom for the final prenatal appointments and be present at the hospital for her birth. Devin was born on January 31, 2017 and has been home with Erin and Tim since her discharge from the hospital.

Devin is now 6 months old and continuing to grow and change every day.  She is rolling over, learning to sit up on her own and just beginning to eat solid food (though, at this point she prefers playing with the food instead of eating it!).

Erin and Tim had fun this summer with introducing Devin to their favorite Madison activities like the farmer's market, UW Terrace and the zoo.  They also made a couple of trips to Milwaukee and Minnesota for Devin to play with her cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and meet her 99 year old great grandma!

AOW Executive Director and Social Worker, Claire, has been working with their family to complete post placement.  The monthly visits have taken place in their home, where Claire is able to see Erin and Tim interact with Devin in a comfortable environment. Erin and Tim have an open adoption relationship with Devin's birth family, which is becoming more common in the adoption realm. Erin and Tim continue to share regular photos and updates on Devin's growth and communicate with her birth family via a private Facebook page.  Devin's adoption is very close to being finalized and we will share another update once it is complete!