Too Cute Tuesday: Branson

Finalization is on the horizon for this little bundle of joy. This week's "Too Cute Tuesday" feature is on the handsome, smiley baby Branson!

Branson was born on January 31, 2017 to a birth mother who had contacted AOW mere days prior to his birth about creating an adoption plan. Branson's birth mother looked at AOW's waiting families online and chose the perfect family for him to become a part of. Later that week, he was wholeheartedly welcomed into the lives of Jen and Brian, his adoptive parents. Branson is lucky enough to have an older sister, too!

AOW Social Worker, Megan, has been working with the family to complete post placement and check on the growth and development of the family of four. In one of his most recent photo shoots, Branson showed off his toothless grin. But he won't be tooth-free for long- his first two teeth have started poking through! As he's entering into the teething stage, the six-month-old is drooling everywhere! According to his parents, Branson saves his biggest smiles for his sister when she greets him every morning. Besides the busy work of growing teeth, Branson has also been spending his time growing in some blonde, fuzzy hair! His parents and sister love to rub the peach fuzz on his head.

After six months of post placement visits, Branson's adoption is very close to being finalized in court. Later this month, he and his parents will celebrate the adoption journey that brought them all together through his adoption finalization. Although waiting for placement can be hard, the final result is worth every second. Each situation is unique, and some are harder than others. In Branson's case, everything happened quickly and without much warning - but it's certain that Jen and Brian wouldn't have it any other way.

Stay tuned for a finalization day post about Branson in the near future!