Too Cute Tuesday: Adorable Zoe

Happy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we are featuring the adorable baby Zoe!


Zoe was born on May 4, 2017, and has brought so much joy into the lives of her adoptive parents. Zoe left the hospital with her parents two days later and has been in their care since then. Zoe's parents are absolutely in love with their four-month-old daughter. Zoe is not a shy baby - her parents say that she loves to talk to everyone she meets and always greets you with a big and beautiful smile!

Too Cute Tuesday Adorable Zoe.2.jpg

Some of Zoe's favorite things to do are play with her toys, talk to new people and go camping with her Mommy and Daddy. She has been a light and joy in her parents lives, and they cannot wait to watch her grow older and become more adorable (if it's even possible!).

As we all know through experience and by reading stories, each adoption journey is different. Although open adoption is becoming more and more common as time goes on, Zoe's adoption was closed. Zoe's birth mother made the decision for herself that she wanted to have a private, confidential adoption plan. Zoe's birth mother and adoptive parents solidified a closed adoption plan through Adoptions of Wisconsin, each respecting each other's wishes. Zoe's adoptive parents have been and continue to be open to connecting with her birth mother in the future, if that is something she would like to do. Ultimately, the degree of openness of the adoption plan falls with the birth mother and father. Closed adoptions are beginning to become rare in adoption, but Zoe's story provides a glimpse at what a closed plan could still look like.

Too Cute Tuesday Adorable Zoe.3.jpg

Zoe really is "too cute". Zoe's adoption will be finalized in a few short months. Stay tuned for her Adoption Day story in the near future!