Happy Adoption Day, Devin!

Another one of AOW's families celebrated the much anticipated Adoption Day! Erin and Tim, with their daughter, Devin, finalized Devin's adoption in court on September 6, 2017.

The journey that lead Devin to her parents was not a traditional agency adoption. Erin and Tim contacted AOW with an already established birth parent situation, which is referred to as an independent match. They hurriedly completed their home study so as to be approved to adopt through the state of Wisconsin prior to Devin's birth. AOW worked with both Erin and Tim and their birth mother throughout the process.

Devin was born on January 31, 2017. AOW Social Worker and Executive Director, Claire, has been working with the family to provide post placement services and help them prepare for finalization. Erin and Tim have been a pleasure to work with, as they have been timely in all communication efforts and have demonstrated a strong desire to respect the adoption journey.

Here is what their Social Worker, Claire, had to say about them- "Erin and Tim are such a wonderful couple. It was such a privilege to help them through their adoption of Devin. They showed such high regard for Devin’s birth mother and her family members throughout this whole process, and it is clear that Devin will grow up knowing she has two families (plus numerous others) supporting her and caring about her well-being throughout her life."

Happy Adoption Day, Devin!.3.jpg

Although we are disappointed that we will not have any more monthly post placement updates about Devin, we are sure that this will not be the last time we hear from the family. We are excited to share news about Devin's life growing up and are hopeful that Erin and Tim will continue to be an active part of the AOW family.