Happy Adoption Day, Carter!

Happy Adoption Day, Carter! This handsome baby boy celebrated his adoption finalization with his dads, Scott and Troy, on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

Carter was born on December 22, 2017 and was placed directly into the care of Scott and Troy from the hospital. Scott and Troy formed a bond with Carter's birth parents from the start of the matching process and continue to have an open adoption relationship today.

Carter's birth mother and father spoke at a recent AOW Waiting Family Group about their experience with open adoption and how their feelings have changed after placement and the termination of their parental rights. Carter's birth mother spoke honestly and confidently about her decision to place Carter with Scott and Troy. She spoke highly of her choice in adoptive parents for her son, and stated that she feels comfortable continuing their relationship into the future.

Claire Schulz Bergman was the social worker who worked with both Scott and Troy and Carter's birth parents throughout the process. Claire enjoyed working with both families to facilitate their matching and placement processes. Claire reflected on the adoptive couple and had this to say about them, "Scott and Troy were so wonderful to work with. Baby Carter has so many people who love him! The care and respect that Scott and Troy showed Carter’s birth parents throughout this whole process is heartwarming. Carter will only benefit from the relationship that his parents have with his birth parents. It takes a village!"

Claire is going to miss the monthly visits with Carter during post placement, but is happy that this family of three is complete. AOW thanks Scott and Troy for their openness with Carter's birth parents and we wish them the best of luck in the future!