An Interstate Adoption: Happy Adoption Day, Ella!

Happy Adoption Day, Ella! Ella's interstate adoption was finalized on August 2, 2017 in Illinois.

While AOW does most of our work with adoptive parents and birth parents in the state of Wisconsin, we also offer interstate and independent adoption services. In Ella's case, this was both! Ella's adoptive parents, Nicole and Dan, had a home study completed by their agency in Illinois and were connected with a birth mother living in Wisconsin. The birth mother reached out to AOW, informing us that she was already independently matched with a family in Illinois, but needed an agency to work with here. Over the months, we worked with both the birth mother and the adoptive parents to ensure that the birth and adoption would go smoothly. A necessary part of interstate adoption is completing the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) process. ICPC ensures that children being moved across state lines have the same rights and protections as children staying in Wisconsin. While this can often be a time consuming and tedious task, it is also necessary and relevant.

After Ella's birth, Nicole and Dan traveled to Wisconsin to receive placement and await ICPC procedures. They spent several days in Wisconsin, waiting for the go ahead to travel back to their home in Illinois with Ella. The process of an interstate adoption is often confusing, but AOW works closely with the adoptive parents and affiliated agencies to expedite the ICPC process as much as possible. We also work with families in Wisconsin to complete their home studies who are interested in working with out-of-state adoption agencies. Interstate adoption can happen either way, and we are here to guide you through understanding the requirements of ICPC.

Congratulations, Nicole, Dan and Ella! We wish you happiness and love in your future.