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A Birth Mother’s View Of The Court Hearing

Attorney Lynn Bodi had the pleasure of appearing in court recently with a birth mother who has made an adoption plan for her daughter. Lynn caught up with her after the hearing.

court gavel

It should be noted that for these kinds of hearings, the court room is closed and no one who does not have a reason to be there is allowed into the room. That means that there aren’t any strangers, spectators, or people waiting for their appearance in the room, and the privacy of both the birth parents and adoptive parents is considered paramount.


Q.  Was testifying at the hearing easier or harder than you thought it would be?

A.  Court was easier than I expected.

Q.  How did you feel before the hearing?

A.  I was kind of nervous the day before, but it wasn’t that bad.

Q.  What was the worst part?

A.  They repeated a lot of the questions.

Q.  How do you feel now?

A.  I feel good.


This young woman testified beautifully. The judge found that she clearly understood all of the legal rights she was giving up, as she had been questioned about it “at length.” (Ok, maybe a little too much repetition.)