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Prior to giving birth your social worker will help you create a hospital plan.  This plan will inform the hospital staff of your decisions regarding:

  • How much, if any, time you would like to spend with your baby.
  • Whether or not you want the adoptive parents at the hospital.
  • Who you would like at the hospital with you.
  • What name will be on the baby’s original birth certificate.

The baby will be released from the hospital when the hospital staff determines the baby is medically ready. Since you are the only person with rights to your baby, you are the only person who can give the prospective adoptive family permission to take the baby home; this is called a direct placement.

If you need more time to consider whether adoption is the right choice for you, or if are there uncertainties regarding the birth father, you may choose to place the baby in transitional care. This placement is in a private licensed home. You may visit your child here as often as you wish, and, with your permission, adoptive parents may also visit. Transitional care services are paid for by the adoptive parents.