Andy and Sarah | Adoptions of Wisconsin

Andy and Sarah

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.  We are truly honored, and admire the love and courage you are showing with this decision.  Families are formed in many ways and for ours we’ve chosen adoption.  The love you have for your child has brought you here, and we are with you.

It is our dream to raise and care for children.  We fell in love 14 years ago after meeting in college choir.  Sarah from Minnesota and Andy from Wisconsin, our relationship started at the border in La Crosse and continues in Madison after 9 years of marriage.  Family, friends, faith and music are the anchors of our lives, and as these blessings overflow, our dream of raising children grows stronger.

We are accepting, loving, and loyal people even in the face of of life’s challenges.  Humor has been with us through it all as comedy fills every day and we try not to take ourselves too seriously.  Passing this on to our future children will be our life’s work.
Adoption has already been one of the highlights of our lives as it has brought 2 wonderful nieces into our family as well as many friends.  This has taught us how emotional of an experience this must be for you, but also the beauty of open adoption.  We would be honored to meet you and get to know each other better.