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You are able to choose the type of adoption relationship that is right for you and your baby.

Open Adoption is the most common type of adoption relationship.  It offers the most variety, flexibility and it can change over time.  Open adoption is an ongoing relationship between the birth parents and adoptive family.  Birth parents and adoptive parents discuss with each other the frequency and method of communication (emails, texts, letters, phone calls, visits, etc.) they feel comfortable with.  Many birth parents are not yet sure what level of openness would be best for them.  The answer to this question will become clearer once you meet the adoptive parents and are able to make a collaborative decision about what feels comfortable for all involved.

Semi-Open Adoption is used when birth families and adoptive families want more distance.  This option allows the adoptee to have information about his or her birth parents, and also allows the birth parents to have information about their child.  Although the birth parents and adoptive families may meet, there is not continued direct contact between the two families.  Adoptions of Wisconsin will act as a mediator for all communication when birth families and adoptive families want more distance.  If one party has stopped contact, Adoptions of Wisconsin will keep all items in the appropriate file, to be collected at any time.

Semi-Closed Adoption gives birth parents the opportunity to look through a number of profiles of approved, waiting families without having to meet the adoptive family in person.  The birth parents choose a couple to raise their child, but there is no contact, and no exchange of identifying information between the two parties.

Closed Adoption offers complete confidentiality.  At no time is there any identifying information given to either the birth parents or the adoptive parents about each other.  The birth parent allows Adoptions of Wisconsin to pick adoptive parents from their approved, waiting couples and the baby will be placed with them.