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What Are The Adoption ABCs?

The “Adoption Triad” is made up of Adoptive Parents, Birth Parents and the Child: the ABCs. Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents come to the Adoption Triad by different paths, but each member of the Adoption Triad’s needs must be recognized and protected. A good adoption agency helps with achieving this balance and respect. An adoption agency can also help the Adoptive Parents and the Birth Parents arrive at the best result for the third member of the triad, the Child.

Adoption ABCs

A: Adoptive Family

The “A” in the Adoption ABCs is the Adoptive Parents. Each adoptive family comes to adoption for its own unique reasons and with its own history. Whether they have spent years dealing with infertility, believe that it is their calling to create a family through adoption rather than biology, have a connection with a particular birth family, Adoptive Parents share a key quality. This key feature is their desire to parent, love and nurture a child through the highs and lows of life. Although Adoptive Parents are viewed as enriching a Child’s life with their love, most of them will say that the Child has made the world a better place for the Parents.

Adoption ABCs

B: Birth Family

The “B” in the Adoption ABCs is the Birth Parents. Birth Parents come to the Adoption Triad in the face of life’s most difficult situation. Birth Parents endure heartfelt decision making, grief, sadness, planning and care for their Child. This is done selflessly and out of love for their Child. Their motivation is to provide the best future possible for their Child. In making their choice, they are also able to answer Adoptive Parents’ prayers for the family they seek.

Adoption ABCs

C: Child

The “C” in the Adoption ABCs is the Child, the most important part of the Adoption Triad. The other members of the Adoption Triad – the Adoptive Parents and the Birth Parents – are focused on making sure that the Child’s needs are protected and that the Child has a secure future. They seek a permanent and loving home for the Child. This security is achieved by working with a skilled adoption agency and attorneys, so that the choice made by the Birth Parents, and the Child’s place in the Adoptive Parents’ home, is permanent.

The members of the Adoption Triad are people with varying feelings, needs and emotions. It is important for adoption professionals to respect and support all three parts of the Adoption Triad and help to achieve the goals of the Parents who seek the best for the Child.


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