What if my baby's birth father doesn't agree with an adoption plan?

A birth parent asks “What if my baby’s birth father doesn’t agree with an adoption plan? Can I make an adoption plan without telling him?”

imageNo, before a baby can be adopted, the parental rights of both parents must be terminated. This means that the father of your baby must be informed of your plan to place the baby for adoption.  You can still work with us and we can help you inform him.  If you don’t talk to him anymore or ultimately don’t feel comfortable telling him, your worker can be the person to tell him.  Many times when birth fathers are against adoption, it is because they don’t fully understand what adoption is about.  Just as you may have questions, feelings and opinions about adoption, so might he.  Our job as adoption social workers is to provide him counseling around his parenting options.  We will not try to convince him that he should agree to your adoption plan, but we will explain why you are choosing adoption and answer any questions he may have about the process.  It may still be possible to move forward with an adoption plan even if he continues to be against consenting to the termination of his parental rights.  There may be grounds for an involuntary termination of his parent rights. This is something that you would discuss with your worker and, if appropriate, with an attorney to determine if those grounds exist.  Your best bet is to meet with an adoption social worker to explain your situation and make the best plan for you and your baby.