How often will I see my baby after the adoption? | Adoptions of Wisconsin

A birth parent asks “How often will I see my baby after the adoption?”

imageAdoption has changed significantly in the 10-15 years. Having a relationship with a child you place for adoption is now the norm, not the exception. Before you commit to an adoption plan you will meet with prospective adoptive parents and have the opportunity to talk with them about what your wants and needs regarding a future relationship with your child. Some birth families and adoptive families see each other on a regular basis and others meet up one or twice a year. The most common way for birth parents and adoptive parents to keep in touch is by exchanging pictures and updates via phone/text, social media or email. It is important for you to be honest about your expectations when you match with an adoptive family so they understand what kind of relationship you want to have after the adoption is finalized.