How do I explain Adoption to my kids? | Adoptions of Wisconsin

A birth parent asks “How do I explain my adoption plan to my kids?”

imageThis can be an overwhelming question for prospective birth parents. Explaining to your children that you are making an adoption plan for your newborn can be emotionally stressful. Helping you explain your adoption plan to your children is something that an Adoptions of Wisconsin (AOW) staff member can assist you with. You are not alone in this. We have a lot of experience helping people have open and honest conversations with their kids about adoption. How much information you share with your child, and how you share it, really depends on the age and emotional maturity of your child.  One thing to remember is that a conversation like this isn’t a one-time thing. Children digest information a lot differently than adults so it is important for your child to know that you are open to talking with them if they have questions. As you know, talking to a two year old about an adoption plan is much different than talking with an eight year old. We, at AOW, are here for you. We will support you through this and if you request it, we can talk with you and your child together. Many prospective adoptive parents are open to meeting older children and showing them pictures of their home, nursery, etc to help your child better understand adoption. The most important thing you can do to help your child understand your adoption plan is to be honest with them and know that you can seek out help if you feel like you are struggling.