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Tenley’s first Halloween!

Happy Halloween! #aowadoption #adoption #happyhalloween For more information about our agency, please click here.  

A sunny smile

This beautiful, sunny smile from Emmons is just what we needed on this rainy day! #aowadoption #adoption #aowfallfun For more information about adoption, click here.

On Wisconsin! #gobadgers #aowfamilies #aowadoption

Nadia will be cheering on the Badgers this weekend and so will we! #gobadgers #aowfamilies #aowadoption For more information about adoption click here 

Halloween Fun! #aowfamilies #aowfallfun

From Cindy, David and Lilyana: We had a great time this weekend getting ready for our Halloween themed party with friends.  Eyeball cookies and tarantula taco dip, Yum Yum! To learn more, click Here.

Share Your Fall Fun with AOW!

It’s officially Fall and AOW wants to share in the fun. Send your pictures to and add #aowfamilies #aowfallfun to your pictures. For more information, click here.

Desmond #aowadoption #aowfamilies

                    Happy Wednesday! Desmond and his dads stopped by AOW and we were happy to see this beautiful smile! To learn more about adoption, click here.

Emmons’s Celebrates the 4th of July! #aowsummerfun #aowfamilies

Emmons celebrates the 4th of July with his first ever bites of watermelon. Happy first 4th of July Emmons! You are getting so big!

Grace’s Summer Fun #aowsummerfun #aowfamilies

Grace is mastering the art of summer fun. Happy summer to you, Grace! You are a special girl.  

Emmons’s first trip to the farmer’s market! #aowsummerfun #aowfamilies

Emmons is loving his first trip to the farmer’s market. Happy first summer to you, Emmons. You are an awesome little boy!

Owen’s Summer Fun! #aowsummerfun #aowfamilies

Here are a few pics of our summer fun with Owen. I’ll say it again and again–thank you, AOW. Our lives have changed in the best way since the day we first met with Megan. We are so grateful. Love,

Share Your Summer Fun with AOW!

Summer is finally here and AOW wants to share the fun! Send us your pics or add #aowfamilies #aowsummerfun to share your adventures!

Graham, Jen and Emmons

Happy Adoption Day Emmons!

Brent, Casey and Rosemary

Dear Claire and AOW staff, It is difficult for us to express our appreciation. We are so grateful for all that you have done. We knew you were the right agency for us and without you we would have never

Andy, Joelle & Aubrin

Happy Adoption Day Aubrin!

Jason, Greg & Owen

Happy Adoption Day Owen!


From Jonathan’s parents: We are so grateful that AOW was there to help and guide us through every step of the adoption process. They were always there to answer questions, offer support and encouragement throughout our journey. We are so

Laura, Michael & Stella

Happy Adoption Day Stella!


From Preston’s parents: I wanted to say thank you for everything. You three ladies (AOW staff) have been amazing. We are so happy. You made such a difficult and emotional process seem so seamless. Thank you.

Rebecca, Sara & Amelia

Happy Adoption Day Amelia!

Tom, Traci, Hadley, Holland & Henley

Happy Adoption Day Holland & Henley!

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