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Happy Adoption Day!

Congratulations to Stefani and Josh for finalizing the adoption of their son, Elijah. We enjoyed working with both the adoptive parents and the birth mother in this process. We wish you nothing but happiness! #adoption #finalization #baby #adoptionday

Taliyah Rose

Welcome to the world Taliyah Rose! Taliyah was born with her birth family and adoptive parents in the room and is being showered with love. Everyone is healthy and doing well. To learn more about adoption click here.

Happy Adoption Day!

Congratulations to Jim and Michelle on finalizing Nico’s adoption. We are so grateful to have been a part of your family’s adoption journey! #adoption #finalization #aowadoption #adopt #AdoptionsofWisconsin

Going home

Leo is home with his parents and doing great. He is a happy baby who smiling and loving tummy time. AOW is looking forward to our monthly visits with this cutie. Click here to learn more about adoption. #aowadoption #openadoption

Baby O as “Hamilton”!

While her mom watched the musical Hamilton for a night out, Baby O and her dad stayed home and got creative with a costume change! Enjoy this photo of Baby O dressed as Hamilton! #adoption #openadoption #aow #baby

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from AOW and Tenley, who’s celebrating by looking pretty in pink! #adoption #valentinesday #openadoption #aow

Happy 12 weeks!

Baby O made her grand appearance 12 weeks ago. She is smiling and growing fast! To learn more about adoption, click here. #aowadoption #openadoption #adoptiveparents #birthparents

Baby B

Welcome to the world Baby B! We admire his birth mom’s strength and courage. Everyone is healthy and doing great. If you’d like to learn more about adoption, click here. #aowadoption #openadoption #adoptiveparents #birthmom

Winter and holiday fun!

Winter is officially here. While we aren’t thrilled about the bitter cold, we are excited for the winter fun and holiday season. AOW wants to see what our families are up to! Send us your winter and holiday pictures or

Happy Wednesday!

This little guy always makes us smile. We hope this picture brings a smile to your face too! To learn more about adoption, click here.  

Welcome to the world!

Here is staff member Claire with the newest AOW baby. Everyone is happy and healthy. To learn more about adoption, click here. #aowadoption #openadoption #nationaladoptionmonth

Happy adoption day!

Congratulations to Evan and Chad on finalizing Desmond’s adoption. It has been a pleasure working with this family and we are grateful to have been a part of this journey with you! #aowadoption #adoption #nationaladoptionmonth  For more information about adoption,

National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness month. We’ll be sharing stories and other resources all month long. To kick things off, here is a throwback to last night of the cutest clown in town! #adoption #Wisconsin #nationaladoptionmonth  If you would like

Tenley’s first Halloween!

Happy Halloween! #aowadoption #adoption #happyhalloween For more information about our agency, please click here.  

A sunny smile

This beautiful, sunny smile from Emmons is just what we needed on this rainy day! #aowadoption #adoption #aowfallfun For more information about adoption, click here.

On Wisconsin! #gobadgers #aowfamilies #aowadoption

Nadia will be cheering on the Badgers this weekend and so will we! #gobadgers #aowfamilies #aowadoption For more information about adoption click here 

Halloween Fun! #aowfamilies #aowfallfun

From Cindy, David and Lilyana: We had a great time this weekend getting ready for our Halloween themed party with friends.  Eyeball cookies and tarantula taco dip, Yum Yum! To learn more, click Here.

Share Your Fall Fun with AOW!

It’s officially Fall and AOW wants to share in the fun. Send your pictures to and add #aowfamilies #aowfallfun to your pictures. For more information, click here.

Desmond #aowadoption #aowfamilies

                    Happy Wednesday! Desmond and his dads stopped by AOW and we were happy to see this beautiful smile! To learn more about adoption, click here.

Emmons’s Celebrates the 4th of July! #aowsummerfun #aowfamilies

Emmons celebrates the 4th of July with his first ever bites of watermelon. Happy first 4th of July Emmons! You are getting so big!

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