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Adoptive grandma’s story

My daughter has been blogging. By reading her blogs, I am learning more about her and what she’s been thinking and feeling over the past few years. It’s not that we don’t communicate well with each other. It’s not that

Nick, Ben, Sawyer and Harrison

As soon as our first child, Sawyer, was walking we knew we wanted to add to our family through adoption again. Sawyer had brought so much to our lives and we wanted to experience that again. We also wanted Sawyer

Cassandra, Kyle, Gavin and Tenley

Our adoption journey began in September of 2013.  We began the adoption process after we struggled with a very difficult pregnancy with Gavin and miscarriages and finding out we only had a 40% chance of growing our family biologically.  Both

Kirsten, Peder & Owen

We had always considered adoption as a way to build our family. In the summer of 2014, we started considering this more strongly and began researching adoption agencies. As soon as we read through Adoption of Wisconsin’s (AOW) website, we

Jennifer, Patrick, Presley & Addie-Part Two

Our Story Part Two-The Caboose to Our Train If you read our part one about how adoption helped build our family, you know that I mentioned there wasn’t anything we would change about our stories. This is true, but if

Jennifer, Patrick, Presley & Addie-Part One

Our Happily Ever Alter • Part One How does the story go?  First comes love then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage. For us life had a little  different plan. We are Jennifer, Patrick, Presley and

Megan, Greg, Michael, Jaimeson & Gabriel

Our family- Megan, Greg, big brother Michael (7.5 at time of adoption- now 11!) our adoption blessing Jaimeson ( right side of photo -now 3.5yrs) and their little brother Gabriel (left side of photo -ivf blessing, now almost three). We

Sherrey and Mia

 Adopting my beautiful daughter Mia has been the biggest blessing and miracle of my life.  I truly feel God placed her into my arms to be mine forever.  She completed our family- but more than that she completed my heart,

Nick, Ben and Sawyer

Nick and I always knew that we wanted to be parents.  We both have nieces and nephews and enjoy playing and interacting with them. In addition, we are both in the teaching profession and love the students we work with.

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